Black looking for right now



Just listen.

At least not right now. You wait and then you listen.

It is not their responsibility to share with you. If you have a relationship built on reciprocal trust, at some point, they might feel compelled to share their feelings with fog, and if that happens, it is your job to listen.

If a black colleague is willing to talk to you during this time when they might feel especially vulnerable, it is your job to just be there and offer your support. Reschedule meetings and calls and only keep what is absolutely essential on the calendar.

Group gatherings like a staff meeting over Zoom might already be exhausting for black people, especially if your office is predominantly white. In all likelihood, your black colleagues lloking struggling to get through the workday, so, if you can, allow for generous personal time, be lenient and give as much space as you can.

Take the time to educate yourself. If you are truly committed to supporting your black colleagues, your support should extend to holding yourself able for your own anti-racist education.

Black looking for right now

This means you should seek out resources about allyship, about reckoning with white privilege and about the history of systemic racism in this country. Check out the work of Dr. Robin DiAngeloof Dr.

Black looking for right now

Interrogating your own racial ignorance and doing better is a key part of that. If you see us being treated unfairly because of the color of our skin anywhere — from niw grocery store to the doctor's office, on social media — say something. She is the associate director at the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers at Phillips Andover, a nonprofit that promotes social justice and diversity in the American educational system.

She is also a lecturer on the history of race and racism at the University of New Hampshire.

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