Looking for fun some evening next week



But it can also be awesome, if you know what to do with it. This is especially true if you find yourself looiing an evening alone and don't want to watch TV. When this mood strikes, it's truly a rare and magical opportunity to break from your usual relaxation routine, and maybe even get a few things done. Now, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a Netflix marathon, or spending a weekend doing absolutely nothing. We all need to occasionally zone out, net into the couch, and partake in a few or many snacks.

But sometimes it's nice to ofr this time to your advantage in other ways. So when you have some time alone to do whatever you want, branching out can "be every bit as satisfying," she says, as well as the perfect moment to try out things you've been meaning to get to, like all those hobbies.

Looking for fun some evening next week

TV-less alone time can also be the perfect time to work on yourself. Psych, tells Bustle. Then read on for some interesting things to try tonightif you happen to have time alone. Get Involved In A Cause Shutterstock If you're looking to give back, take an evening to figure out your next charitable move.

If you can't think of anything, recall a time when something really made your blood boil. Do you hate it when people litter? Are you mortified by global warming?

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Look into organizations that are helping with that. Or, focus on what makes you happy. If you love animals, for instance, consider volunteering at a local shelter. In your evenings alone, you could be walking dogs and keeping cats company.

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And what could be better than that? Take Time Lookign Meditate If you rarely find yourself with a moment's peace, you may want to do some meditatingsans all the distractions. As fnu teacher and author Heather Kristian Strang tells Bustle, it's even possible to make an evening out of it. Light candles and incense, get comfy in your yoga pants, and find a few guided meditations online, or download an app.

You can sit for five minutes with your thoughts, and then build up to longer amounts of time, with practice, so this can be your go-to evening activity. Practice A New Hobby If you've been meaning to learn how to paint or knit, or play piano for forever, now's your chance.

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All it takes is some time and dedication, and you can get this side project off the ground. You could also treat yourself to lessons, which would get you somf and interacting with new people. The world of crafts and hobbies is your oyster, so have at it.

Looking for fun some evening next week

But there's also something really nice about cooking for yourself, too. Not only will you save money, but the process of chopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning u can take up an entire evening, in a way that's really fun and relaxing. Get into it with a new recipeor test out some fun and interesting ingredients.

This will make soome cooking taste so much better. And it'll contribute to setting the mood, and treating yourself well. Organize Your Life Depending on what you consider "interesting," cleaning may not be at the top of your list.

But it just may be worth it evenjng the accomplished feeling you'll have afterward. And if you get inspired, move onto the next shelf, and see how much you get done. Then, step back and see how much better you feel, and how nice your place looks. Even if you do nothing else, "you'll go to bed feeling satisfied and proud," Whitney says.

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Work On Your Resilience If you catch yourself feeling lonely, it may help to view the evening as an exercise in resilience. To start, you might want to pick up a self-help book, or check out some resources online, and see what you can learn.

Looking for fun some evening next week

It'll be about learning how to stand on your own two feet, and feeling comfortable in your ndxt company. While it can take practice, spending time alone is a skill worth developing, so you can make the most of it.

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Send Out Handwritten Letters Shutterstock One of the sweetest — and most unexpected — things you can do is send someone a handwritten note. Nothing's better than opening somw mailbox and finding real, fun mail. So go ahead and do this for someone else. And while you're at evenng, go ahead and make it into a sort of ritual. Pull out the good stationary, sit somewhere comfy, and let your thoughts flow. You might even start a tradition with friends where they evejing back, in a sort of old-school pen pal fashion.

Get Started On That Book Pile Not everyone needs a reminder to read, but some of us have stacks of dusty books lying around that are just waiting to be perused. Evrning evening alone can be the perfect time to crack one open, and can even help get you back in the habit. Plan Your Next Vacation Pop online and start planning your next vacation — even if you won't be going for awhile.

So go ahead and check flight prices, scroll through cool hotel sites, or look up European backpacking tips. Just see what you can see. It can also be fun to get a friend involved in the process. If you two start daydreaming about a trip, and setting aside money, you can make it reality. But in the meantime, simply talking about it and sending each other photos can be a good time, too. Or, you could venture forth into the world.

Go to a class, see a movie by yourself, or hit up an gallery all by your lonesome, and see how it feels to do it all alone. Take An Online Course You aren't going to learn all there is to know about political philosophy in one llooking, but you sure aome get started by hopping online, and ing up for a class. In your spare time, you can "take some college courses to get a degree or just learn more," Koenig says.

Or try efening U to listen in on some courses you'd probably never take in real life, but just so happened to pique your interest. Then consider yourself smarter for the experience.

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If so, get to reading sme they've writtenKoenig says. Or what about a director? Have yourself evenijg movie night and watch a few of their films. You can do this for pretty much anyone you admire — artist or otherwise. Look them up, research their life, and soak up as much of their work as you can. This can be an ongoing project that you keep coming back to, whenever you have some down time.

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And the fun part about doing it alone is you don't have to worry about sharing the same taste with others. Focus on what matters most to you, and learn more about it. But you can also focus on something a bit more manageable, especially if you only have a few hours.

Looking for fun some evening next week

So look at your to-do list, scan your apartment, or think about what you've been meaning to learn, then get to it. Fix Something In Your Apartment Speaking of your apartment, how about getting handy and fixing a few things? Think along the lines of de-sticking an old window, or painting an ugly bookshelf. Getting that little thing done because hey, you have the time can make you feel quite accomplished.

In fact, anything on this list will make you feel good, if you're looking for something to do with your free time, instead of just vegging out.

Looking for fun some evening next week

It's all about realizing you can basically do anything, and using the time to really and truly focus on yourself.

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