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University of leicester launches online toolkit for staff to stop them making 'moral judgements' on student sex workers - but feminist writer says women should be told how 'harmful' it is rather than being supported

About sharing image captionAabidali Mubarak Ali, Rakib Iacub and Wajid Usman all pleaded guilty A year-old girl who was the victim of sexual exploitation in Leicester has been praised for her bravery in coming forward. Three men admitted paying the child, who told them she was a prostitute, for sex minutes before she was due to take the stand at Leicester Crown Court. Police and social workers said her actions brought the men to justice.

A man who knows the case told the BBC she had been "through hell and back" and was trying to rebuild her life. The teenager, who cannot be named, was described as "very damaged and vulnerable" in court.

Prostitute phone number leicester

You've probably seen the small in the paper, but what's really happening behind the doors of massage parlours? Laura's a former prostitute and massage parlour owner. Here she talks very frankly of how she got into the sex industry, what it's really like working in a parlour, what type of men pay for sex and leicseter her life was like.

Prostitute phone number leicester

You should be aware that this report contains sexual references. I am now a parlour owner, and I'm in my early fifties.

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I've been working in the industry for over 25 years and I've worked abroad a little bit. Being a prostitute, well, it sounds like an easy job but believe me it's not.

I think you have to be cut out to be a prostitute. For a start, you have to be a damn good actress, and you have to be able to cut off and be able to do the job, otherwise you should not really be in the business.

Prostitute phone number leicester

Lots of money I got into the business through a boyfriend. He didn't force me, I just liked the lifestyle.

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I liked the money and we did, for a few years, have a good lifestyle out of the money. I went in completely of my own accord. I learnt a lot from him actually. Numbeg started in London on the streets of Mayfair which at the time was very busy, and then progressed into the parlours and saunas in London. I did private flats, escort pfostitute and all sorts of things and I earned quite a lot of money. I've been abroad all over the place and have had nice clothes and cars and everything, so I don't regret my life in the profession.

Prostitute phone number leicester

I do regret not saving some of the money [laughs] but we can all have leicrster can't we? But as for being in the industry, no I don't regret it. It's impossible to say how many men I've slept with.

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