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In Manitoba, there weregirls age 14 and under in From: Manitoba Health Population Report. June That means you represent 9. Each one of you is special. Life is all about discovery and acceptance of ourselves and of others. You are wonderful in so many ways, both inside and out.

Women looking for women minnedosa

Celebrate being a girl! Some Facts about Manitoba We are at the centre of Canada.

Women looking for women minnedosa

Our province is blessed with wmen air, brilliant blue skies, remarkable scenery and wide-open spaces. We are very proud of our multicultural heritage and celebrate our diversity as well as our similarities.

Women looking for women minnedosa

Manitobans are known throughout Canada for their friendliness and community spirit. For over years, people from around the world have come to Manitoba to share their cultures, stories and the way they see the world. Diversity Makes Each of us Amazing and Special!

Diversity describes the many differences and similarities among people. It is what makes each of us special and unique.

Women looking for women minnedosa

Diversity includes characteristics that are seen such as our race, ethnicity, colour, language and sex. But it also includes characteristics lokking are not so obvious, such as our gender, sexual orientation, age, ability or disability, religion, political belief, cultural heritage, family background, social class, education or geographic origin.

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It takes time and curiosity to get to know ourselves and others well. It also takes time and effort to respect and appreciate our differences and similarities. What aspects of your culture are you most proud of? Alone, each strand is relatively strong but when woven together, they form a solid, powerful fabric.

Women looking for women minnedosa

The individual strands become the breadth and the strength of the sash. The history of Manitoba's Aboriginal people goes back thousands of years.

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The name Manitoba comes from languages of the Aboriginal people who lived on the prairies and travelled the waters of Lake Manitoba. Winnipeg was once a busy Aboriginal trading centre, before the arrival of the Europeans.

Today, Manitoba is home to seven distinct groups of Aboriginal people. In Ojibway and Cree legends, it was a woman who came to Earth through a hole in the sky to care for the earth. To the Ojibway, the earth is woman, the Mother of the people, and her hair, the sweetgrass, is braided and used in ceremonies. It is through the pipe imnnedosa prayer is carried by its smoke upwards to the Creator in their most sacred ceremonies.

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When you look around, it is easy to see many other people from around the globe in your own community. What languages can you speak? Over languages are spoken by people minndeosa in our province. If you and your family are new to Canada, there are services to help you and your family settle. For more information, go to:.

Women looking for women minnedosa

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